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Today, many managers are struggling to find and keep dedicated and cooperative workers to keep their businesses running. At the same time, adults with disabilities and their staff are looking for opportunities for growth, independence, and a sense of purpose in society. Since 1963, Richland Newhope Industries Inc. (RNI, Inc.) has built a stronger community by bridging the gap between these needs.

RNI, Inc. is connecting those who want to work with those who need the help all throughout Richland, Crawford, and Surrounding Counties

Throughout the years, RNI, Inc. has grown to provide a wide range of services to over 500 individuals within Richland and surrounding counties in a variety of settings, including businesses in our community. We’re committed to providing quality work and services to our business clients, the customers they serve, and the people with disabilities who serve them.

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Get Connected. Get Started Here. If you or someone you know is an individual with developmental disabilities and you’re looking for opportunities to work, RNI, Inc. is here to help you discover your gifts and find the right employer or work setting to suit those talents. Here’s how it works:


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Every person’s journey, struggles, and dreams are unique. We look forward to getting to know you and seeing how we can help you achieve your dreams for yourself or your child.

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In order to take advantage of the resources available through RNI, you will need a referral. If you are eligible for support, we’ll help you connect with the right organization to gain access.

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Everyone has dreams, whether it’s finding a job, learning a new skill, getting their driver’s license, living independently, or something else entirely.

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Together with your family and our team, we’ll develop a plan to work toward specific individual outcomes with action steps to help move forward toward that outcome.

RNI works Together with you to Build Your Dreams

As you work toward your goals, we partner with you to meet your goals, revise your plan if needed, and support you along the way. Contact us to get started today.  

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