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CARF Fact Sheet

December 07, 2017

Community Employment Fact Sheet (CES)
Population Served
Services are provided to individuals who have been found eligible by the Richland County Board of DD and have selected Richland Newhope Industries, Inc as their provider and/or have been referred through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and can safely be served in the community.

Services are provided in community-based settings in area businesses.

Hours of Services
The hours of service will vary. They are provided based on the needs of the employers.

Days of Services
The days of service will vary. They are provided based on the needs of the employers.

Frequency of Services
The frequency of services will vary. They are provided based on the needs of the employers.

Payer Sources
Services are funded through a combination or funding sources including Federal, State, and Local dollars.

There are no out-of-pocket fees to participate in Community Employment Services (CES) including Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST), Job Development (JD), Job Site Training (JST), Job Supports (JS), Job Readiness Training (JRT), and Community Based Assessments (CBA).

Referral Sources
Anyone can make a referral for Richland County Board of DD services by contacting them. Once an individual is determined eligible by the Richland County Board of DD, an Individual Consultant assists them with selecting a provider of desired services. Referral sources also include Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.


Specific Services Offered

Employability and Driver’s Permit Classes are offered to those interested to assist Individuals with securing employment.

Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST) services are offered to assist with learning the skills necessary to identify and respond to potential job opportunities. Services address the following: how to locate job opportunities, development of job application template, resume development, how to address potential barriers, and practice difficult interview questions.

Job Development (JD) services are offered to assist with locating employment in the community.

Job-Site Training (JST) services are available to assist with learning the new job tasks once
employment is secured.

Job Readiness Training (JRT) services is designed to provide individuals with work experiences while at the same time developing work skills and work behavior. JRT last longer than traditional Community Based Assessments and provides opportunities for participants to either try multiple jobs within one employer or similar jobs amongst multiple employers. The outcome of the service is to prepare the individual for permanent competitive/supported integrated employment and independence

Community Based Assessments (CBA) services are available to assist with providing information on an individual’s aptitudes, abilities, preferences, and any deficits if applicable. Community Based Assessments can also be utilized to determine if a specific employment opportunity would be a desirable match.

Job Supports (JS) services are available to assist with maintaining employment for the long-term for those enrolled into Adult Services and chose that services. Those individuals referred for short term employment supports will be supported as determined in their employment plan. Staff members check in with you and the employer to ensure continued successful employment. This may be done individually or with a group of people at an enclave setting.

 The Micro Enterprise and Customized Employment are for you, if you are either interested in starting your own business or being your own employer. Staff will assist you in developing a business plan, securing funds needed to get started, help educate you on laws entrepreneurs need to know about, and help connect you to community resources to promote and grow your business.

Entry Criteria
1. Meets Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Adult Services eligibility
Requirements and/or referred through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.
2. Demonstrates a desire to work in the community.
3. Must meet health and safety standards for specific employment sites.
4. Must meet the attendance requirements of specific employer site.
5. Have an Individual Service Plan (ISP), and/or Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) that recommends and funds the requested service.
6. Must be able to work with minimum supervision.*
7. Have sufficient alone time in the community to allow for travel and hours of employment.*
8. Must be willing to comply with community employers hiring practices and work rules.

Note: *Criteria may be waived if personal attendant or natural supports are present.


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